Saturday, December 18, 2010

The New Idea

Now this is a problem I’m very familiar with. I’m busy with a story, writing it down or rewriting it. Then it hit me. The new idea.
It sounds so good when you think of it, you just want to drop your current project and go on with the new one. But as I’ve found, history repeats itself, and you’ll probably get another idea by the time you’re well into your first new idea. What to do?
Many people says that the solution is to combine ideas. Take the idea of your one story and combine it with your current story. Hm. That could end oddly, but it is a consideration. Another publicly acceptable solution seems to be that you should write down the spark of the idea and go on with your original, and then when you’re done, come back and start with your new idea.
Sounds better.
However, there are some other people that would suggest that you start with the new story alongside your old one. Write both. I think it was Holly Lisle that said that if you’re busy with one story and it’s going slowly, perhaps the very thing you need is to start with a new project. It will not only be nice to start anew, but also help your other project along. Of course you’ll spend less time with the new project, so that you can at least finish the first.
I must say that I like the last solution. Now obviously you cannot start every new idea you think of as you go. That could end with ten different stories at the end of the day.
My solution is to write down all the ideas you’re getting, no matter what you’re busy with at the time. And if you feel particularly excited over one of them, by all means, start with it on a small scale, slipping it into your schedule at open spaces. When you’re a full time writer, you could write the week on the main project and the weekend you can work on your other one. Sort of a hobby rather than a work? To take the work out of the work.
That’s how I’d do it. What about you?

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