Friday, September 9, 2011

Write Courageously

To write courageously means to write honestly and unafraid.

I’ve spoken before about putting a part of yourself in everything you write.  Every word you choose shows the world who you are.  When you write, you wear a mask of your own making, your voice.  Are you putting forth an honest voice?

I’ve often found myself restricting my words.  Stopping myself (and my flow of letters) and changing the sentence to something more appropriate.  Is that honest?  Not really.  First write honestly, then edit out that which is inappropriate (for your audience or otherwise).

Secondly, write unafraid.  Apparently, one of the main causes of procrastination is the fear of failing at what you’re doing; creating something sub-par.  Don’t be afraid of failing.  Failing is part of learning and a necessary step.  Just write.

Cherish whatever it is that you hope to achieve with your writing (and your life).  Don’t back down because it doesn’t fall in the necessary conventions or because you think you might fail.  Push on and fight with courage until you reach your goal.

Write, live.  Do it honestly.  Don’t be afraid.  Be courageous in everything you do.

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