Monday, January 2, 2012

Quotation of the Week

Every week, I’ll put up a quotation related to writing or creation and tell you a little bit about the person who said it.  I’ll try to vary the speakers as much as possible.

"A book should serve as an ice-axe to break the frozen sea within us."- Franz Kafka

Kafka was a German-speaking writer in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds (he passed away in 1924).  He is most known for his novels The Trial (Der Prozeß) and The Castle (Das Schloß).  Apparently he was also the founder of the genre magic surrealism.  He made use of a characteristic in German to have very long sentences that sometimes filled an entire page.


  1. Interesting... I've heard about Kafka so many times, but never got around to reading his work. :-/

  2. Same here. But in the process of getting the information for this, I read the story of some of his novels and I'm interested now.
    I will attempt to acquire some of them.

  3. I like that idea--a book as a way of breaking something up in the reader, like a feeling.