Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stories for Sendai

Stories for Sendai is a collection of short stories and poems based loosely on the theme ‘strength of the human spirit’. All proceeds (minus the overhead costs as far as I’m aware) go to GlobalGiving, an organisation that has a part in aiding the victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.

In addition to the monetary implications of the anthology, the stories and poems provide a message of strength in adversity. Hopefully, the positive message will help in a time of crisis.

Not only is this a great cause, if you buy it, you will also get a collection of short stories and poems by some great writers (see a complete list of them here). Plus, my story was accepted too, so if you ever wanted to read something I wrote, buy a copy of the anthology.

The Japanese are some pretty awesome folk. Do what you can to help them and buy a copy when it is (scheduled to be) published on 30 June this year. See the website for more information.