Monday, May 9, 2011

Crafting a Story : Protagonist

The protagonist’s random word is:

Since sole can refer to a number of things, I picked one that worked better.

Sole : The underside of footwear.

Since we’re dealing with a person, I think the word sole should be used as a job description. Let’s say our protagonist works in or owns a shoe repair shop. Let’s also assume that he does the repairing work himself.

Our protagonist seems to me, based off his job, to be a patient person. Maybe methodical and a perfectionist. (Maybe not, but this is the creating part) He believes in saving money (since it is better, financially, to repair shoes than buy new ones), so he is probably frugal. If this is so, let’s also assume that he is someone who saves in other avenues of life. So we can say that he grows his own fruit and vegetables. Maybe he doesn’t like eating plants grown by other people – like the vegetables in the supermarket.

With all that, he is probably a difficult person. He can either react to other people by avoidance or confrontation. Let’s say he’s the confrontation type (since it spells more conflict). Thus, he likes to point out things that are done incorrectly and he likes insulting other people’s food. Think, telling the host of a dinner that his carrots are preservative-loaded trash.

Considering that, he is probably not very social and does not have many friends. Say he has bad eyesight and wears thick glasses (which could have led to social isolation that in turn could have led to a change in behaviour to a more difficult person).

What does this person want in life? Maybe he has no idea. He’s just going along, making a living (barely, not many people repair their shoes), trying to find a calling, or maybe he even thinks that fixing shoes is his calling.

After taking all the information into consideration, for now I think I’ll call our protagonist Henry. Henry James. Maybe it’ll change later, maybe not. We’ll see.

That’s all for the protagonist part. Next week we look at the antagonist.

(Feel free to add anything in the comments.)

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