Monday, June 20, 2011

Crafting a Story : Resolution

I’ve handled all the main parts of the story now, except for the resolution. This, however, I cannot do with a random word. I’ll have to deduce it from the other information as well as my own choice.

Irwin, the ghost, is angry at both Jasmine and Henry. Therefore, they are both in danger. I’m pretty sure I want Henry to ‘win’ the encounter (whether he manages to kill Irwin or not). Jasmine, however, is fair game.

So let’s say that Jasmine is killed near the end. And let’s go further and say that Henry allowed her to die. Maybe he just found out her secret – that she had been working with Irwin and lying to him the entire time. But for interest, I’m going to say that Henry really cares for Jasmine and he left her in a moment of anger. Thus, later, he is very angry with himself, but also with Irwin, therefore letting him jump into danger more easily.

If we accept that Henry will not give up and he will survive the encounter, we can safely assume that he will defeat Irwin.

The key question raised at the beginning (Will Henry make it out of there alive?) is answered. Yes, he will make it out alive. I also want to add that Irwin traps them in the house, so that they don’t go running around in the woods, where Irwin has less power (less things to throw around). So before they figure out that they have to run, the doors of the house will shut and stay shut.

Just so that Irwin does not kill them both too easily, I think it’s a good idea to put in some form of protection against him. Let’s say an iron room (since ghosts are sometimes believed to be warded off by iron) wherein they can hide. Obviously, this’ll only be discovered later and so forth. But more importantly, it means that Henry can go into the room and leave Jasmine outside, after which she is killed.

After this, Henry finds a way to kill Irwin and does so promptly. Then he maybe gives Jasmine a burial and then returns home, deciding not to sell the place. Perhaps he goes back every year to put fresh flowers on Jasmine’s grave. Maybe not.

There is still a few issues that need to be worked out, but this is enough for now. I have a general destination I want my story to reach.

Next week, I’ll look at the theme a bit.


In other news, Stories for Sendai is coming out in ten days. Be sure to buy a copy if you can (it includes a story by me). It’ll be available in print form on Amazon.

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