Monday, July 11, 2011

Crafting a Story : Summary

I’m going to work through some of the backstory to get the entire thing in correct chronological order.  I’ll go into detail on some points and skim over others.

Henry, after a day of working in his store, goes to the café on the corner.  While he’s looking for bread that hasn’t expired, Jasmine enters, followed by Irwin a few seconds later.  Irwin walks around the back, not seeing Henry, and pulls on his mask as Henry watches.  Irwin realises that Henry had seen his face and contemplates killing him, but decides against it.  Instead, he tells Henry to forget his face.  He pulls Henry to the front counter and leaves him there, after which he demands money and grabs Jasmine as a hostage.

After he gets the money, Irwin drags Jasmine out, holding the gun at his side.  Henry summons up his courage and grabs the gun.  Irwin releases Jasmine and fights Henry for it, and in the struggle, it goes off, hitting Irwin in the chest.

Henry is not charged and Irwin dies.  Jasmine falls in love with Henry.  She then starts to visit him in his shop often and they start to form a sort of relationship.  Jasmine, still feeling guilty about Irwin’s death, arranges a séance with Irwin’s spirit.  It awakens him and he is in a frenzy, breaking apart some of the house.  The medium chases Jasmine out.

Meanwhile, Henry attends the reading of the will of his uncle, in which he receives a house in the woods.  (I’ll probably start the actual story here) When he sees Jasmine again, he sees she looks a bit strained (because of the séance) and he decides to invite her with him to go look at the house that weekend.

The two hike up to the house late afternoon.  Irwin’s spirit goes with them, and he tries to extend his reach into their world, because he is angry.  When the two go to sleep, they hear noises and so forth.  Henry dismisses it sounds of an old house, while Jasmine worries.

The next day, all sorts of weird things start happening.  Irwin is starting to gain control of his outside environment and he starts opening and closing drawers and so on.  Henry checks out the house to see if it’s in good condition.  Jasmine sees the things happen first.  After a while, Henry also sees them.  It’s a bit creepy, but he cannot let himself believe in the supernatural, so he does not run while he can.

It gets dark and Henry and Jasmine are back inside the house.  Irwin uses telekinesis to reform his shape (somewhat) and speaks through a speaker (not very clearly) and doesn’t reveal much except that he is Irwin.  At this point, Henry is freaking out and Irwin starts throwing knives.

They try to run out of the house, but the doors won’t open.  Jasmine, with her knowledge of the supernatural, leads Henry to the bunker at the back of the house, which is made of solid iron, making it a safe haven from Irwin.

They make some attempts to get out, but Irwin stops them everywhere.  Eventually, Irwin speaks to them again, calling Jasmine out on her betrayal (thus revealing her involvement in the robbery).  Henry panics, thinking that Jasmine had led him into a trap.  He locks himself in the bunker, leaving her outside.  Irwin kills her.

With Jasmine dead and himself trapped, Henry breaks down.  But eventually he musters up courage, to get out and get revenge at the same time, and kills Irwin in some way (maybe stabbing his pseudo-physical form with an iron shaft).

That is pretty much how the story will go.  I’ll try and catch the main idea in a high concept next week.

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